About 200 years ago, many Africans were
forcefully sold into slavery across Europe and
America, where they suffered all forms of torture
and brutalities. Today, even though many falsely
believe this kind of barbaric slavery to be “over”,
mental slavery, which is even more dangerous
than the previous one, is currently starring at us
in the face.
First of all the African people must be told the
truth. Colonialism didn’t end 50 years ago!Slavery is not yet over either! We are still trapped MENTALLY, PHYSICALLY, EMOTIONALLY,
ACCADEMICALLY, TECHONOGICALLY and many more. Unfortunately, because today’s slavery is a mind-
set, many Africans do not even realize that they’re
still under the yolk of “modern” slavery. This is
what makes it very dangerous. It is even more
dangerous when one has a problem but hasn’t
even realized it yet.
Even more dangerous is the fact that our
politicians themselves do not realize that we’re
still under colonial rule. We have many puppet
governments in place, most of which are directed
and controlled from abroad. All decisions are
made by the IMF/World Bank and imposed on
our governments for implementation.
The issue with black people is that they were
subjected to deep, institutional, government-
mandated, highly-evolved slavery, the likes of
which have never been seen in recorded history. Many black people are
still mental slaves of the sort mentioned above.
The slave mentality has been entrenched in the
black family once the process of keeping human
beings subjugated was perfected in the Americas
generations ago.  This detrimental mentality has
been perpetuated from black parent to black child
for generations.  However,
no outside actions can remove the mental slavery
that is still the unfortunate birth right of many
modern-day blacks. blacks were subjected to a
system of enslavement wherein acting white
(learning the basics of reading, writing and math,
and behaving like a free being) was strictly
prohibited—violators were severely punished.
It’s about survival.  If the slave were to survive, it
would suit him best to learn how to act less
“white” as possible, and act more ignorant and
subservient in the presence of the white overseer
and superiors.

To be continued…….


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