Many of you may be wondering
why are we still talking about
slavery in 2013, 150 years after
it was abolished way back in
The reason is because
unfortunately 400 years of
slavery still has a debilitating
effect upon the
conscious minds of many Black
men and women today to the
point that it’s very difficult for
many of them to free their
minds from all of the many
negative and mentally scarring
atrocities imposed on the Black
race throughout slavery and
You cannot have
hundreds of years of systemic slavery and expect
former slaves to simply become part of the
greater society, be treated equally and become
upwardly mobile the next day, nor the next
hundred years. After slavery blacks, suffered from
Jim Crow and still suffer from the vestiges of Jim
Crow that still exists in the U.S. today. Getting
over it is going to take some time. Slave parents
cannot teach their children how to behave in a
‘free world’, or more accurately stated, as non-
chattel slaves. A correction in thought is the only thing that can
help black people who were taught to think as
slaves escape bondage.  As slaves under law,
blacks were forced to accepted that they there
were not to learn, that white people were
superior, that being black is inferior, that having
dark skin is bad, to be ashamed of their skin and
hair, to be ashamed of their African origin, that
they were slaves and not human beings, etc.  The
black parents freed of the mental shackles must
inculcate a culture of positive identity in their
children—one that neutralizes the negative ideas
stated above.



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